Here are some key features and benefits of Focalocal. Be sure to check out the online demo for a more 'hands-on' explanation.

Accurate Directions for the Guest

Accurate Directions for the Guest

Enhance the guest experience by providing them with accurate, up-to-date driving and/or walking directions to local destinations. It's like having your own concierge on call 24/7.

We've all been there. You're traveling out of town and have a hotel booked in an unfamiliar area. If you want someone to recommend a good place to grab a bite to eat, or to point out some local attractions, you are usually left with one option; ask the hotel attendant. The information they provide is not always accurate and unbiased.

Focalocal solves the problem by providing a simple, easy to read, touch screen information terminal, that provides the guest with accurate, up-to-date driving and/or walking directions to local destinations.

Most hotels cannot afford to staff a 24-hour concierge to field these basic questions, nor can they afford the time it takes their front desk staff to do the same.

Using Focalocal's easy touch screen interface, guests can locate their destination in a matter of seconds. All directions are based on that particular property as the starting point, and this never needs to be entered by the user. They can then print their directions to a thermal receipt printer, saving everyone time.

Easy to Use Interface

Attractive, Easy to Use Interface

Keep it simple for everyone, through our intuitive, attractive user interface that is 100% touch screen compatible. Graphic icons and large buttons make Focalocal extremely easy to navigate.

Focalocal incorporates the use of a touchscreen with easy to read buttons, to navigate the site. Users begin by selecting from a list of categories on the home page. These include Restaurants, Salons, Entertainment, and many others.

The information is gathered from a database on the world wide web, which is updated daily. Users view a list of search results, coupled with an interactive map, which allows them to move around within the view. In addition to the standard map, users can choose satellite and terrain views, if they prefer. Search results are listed in logical order, which is proximity to the property, instead of alphabetically.

Reviews and information about the business can be pulled up with a simple button selection, if desired. If the user wishes to obtain directions to the establishment, they can choose either driving or walking directions with one-way or round trip listings.

If the hotel guest wants to search by name or address, Focalocal has a very simple and attractive virtual keyboard. This eliminates the need for an external keyboard and mouse.

Printing the directions is as easy as touching the appropriate button on the screen. The thermal 80mm receipt printer provides easy to read directions on a piece of paper the size of a typical retail receipt, making this a quick, environmentally sound solution.

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generator

So what's in it for me, you ask? Through local business ad placement on the site, Focalocal can become a revenue generation tool, quickly paying for itself and then some!

The nominal cost of the Focalocal service can be easily offset by the selling of ad space on your terminal(s). There are two ways to offer ad space on your Focalocal site: as a primary search result, and through the screen saver.

Say for instance you have a restaurant down the street that would like to be somehow highlighted at your property. Through your administrative login, you have the option to upload a photo ad from them and assign this ad to come up whenever the Restaurant/Bars category is selected. Then whenever someone selects that category, their ad comes up first before the search results. Users can choose to either find out more about that restaurant, or continue to the search results. This can be done for multiple businesses in multiple categories, making Focalocal an excellent revenue generatior tool for the property owner!

Another stream of revenue can come from ad placement on the screen saver. After two minutes of inactivity, Focalocal begins to play the screensaver. This comes standard with any package in generic form, however custom screen savers can be ordered, which can include ads from neighboring businesses, or simply to reinforce the brand identity and/or hotel services.

If you have a restaurant and/or service that could compete with search results, your Focalocal admin login will also give you the option to upload your own ad to appear under any category, which will help you keep the guests spending locally.


Tabletop vs Standalone Kiosk

Focalocal can run on both tabletop and stand-alone kiosk terminals, each with 80mm thermal printers included.

Your guests will appreciate the easy to use, touch screen Focalocal interface, accessed by either the tabletop or freestanding terminals. Both models feature 80mm thermal receipt printers, which cost approximately $.01 per printed direction, keeping your operating costs and maintenance extremely low.

Ethernet comes standard on both terminals, and there is also an option for built-in WiFi. Focalocal is a web-based program, and both terminals require only standard Windows updates when required. Updates to the Focalocal service are handled on our central server by us, and are free of charge to you!