2 Email Newsletters You WILL Want to Subscribe to

2 Email Newsletters You WILL Want to Subscribe to

Email newsletters are annoying right? If you are into typography and learning about the newest fonts then these are 2 newsletters you will welcome in your inbox.

If you are into typography, buying new fonts, downloading free fonts, etc., then you have probably heard of FontShop.com and MyFonts.com. They both have hundreds of fonts you can browse, download and purchase. They also both have amazing email newsletters that they send out occasionally.

The newsletters feature new fonts, font foundries, and interviews with typographers. They have large images that show what the fonts look like using made-up and real examples. Everything is laid out beautifully.

I definitely recommend subscribing to both of them. Don’t worry, you won’t get spammed with junk mail. I stick each one I get in a “Fonts” mail folder. Whenever I want some type inspiration or I’m looking for a custom font to try out I can just go and browse all the newsletters I have saved. I consider typography one of my weak points so I’m always trying to find ways to improve. These newsletters have definitely broadened my knowledge of typography and in a creative way that doesn’t bore me to death.

Subscribe to the MyFonts.com newsletter.

Subscribe to the FontShop.com newsletter.

FontShop.com E-Newsletter
MyFonts.com E-Newsletter

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Gravatar for Josh 1 Josh February 25, 2010

These are pretty good ones, i usually just use dafont.com.

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