Fashion design reality tv a good learning experience? Seriously?

Fashion design reality tv a good learning experience? Seriously?

Quick post about how I surprised myself watching a reality tv show about fashion design and how it’s not so far off from what I do every day.

My girlfriend and I like a lot of the same tv shows. Occasionally she will watch a show she doesn’t particularly enjoy that I like and I’ll do the same when she wants to watch a show. One of the shows she likes to watch is Project Runway on Bravo. Basically it’s a reality show where wannabe fashion designers compete, by designing and making clothes, to hopefully become famous fashion designers.

This show might sound like a nightmare to the majority of you. I didn’t want to watch it myself. Now that I’ve seen it a few times I’ve been catching myself making comments. “That dress looks really well made , he should win.” “Those colors she used are ugly and innapropriate, no woman would wear that.” What? What did I just say? Why am I making comments on this show?

I noticed that most of the things I would comment on would be echoed by the “judges” at the end the show. How is it that I know so much about this crap? Then it hit me while watching the other night. Fashion designers and graphic/web designers are not all that different. It’s a different medium, but a lot of the design principles are the same.

Color, function, usability, appealing to a target audience; just a small portion of the things that go through the design process of clothes and web sites. The color and texture of the fabrics and the quality of the craftsmanship are similar to the aesthetics of a site and the quality of the html/css. If the garment does not fit the model, its a failure, if the website has usability issues, its a failure. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

I found this similarity very interesting and it actually helps me enjoy the show a bit. I feel you can learn things anywhere, even on a fashion design reality show!

Another show I like is Shark Tank on ABC. People pitch their business ideas and new product ideas with the hopes that one of the five multi-millionaire business entrepreneurs will invest in their idea. You can learn a lot about marketing and the qualities a product or idea needs to be successful. Any other shows or outlets out there that we can relate to what we do?

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