Quick Look at my stats from Google Analytics

Quick Look at my stats from Google Analytics

It’s been just over a month since I launched the site. Since I’m addicted to site statistics, I thought I would share mine.

I check on my site stats almost every day. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Google Analytics, but if you haven’t it is the ultimate site statistics tool. I gives detailed site statistics on just about everything you can think of.

Quick Look:

  • 4,696 page views
  • 2,211 visits
  • Visitors from 84 countries!
  • The majority of visitors used Firefox at 51.02%
  • Most popular blog post “Book Review: The Smashing Book” with 924 page views

You will notice 2 spikes in the “Visits” chart image below. The first one is from when EEInsider.com posted a link to my site. The second is from Smashing Magazine tweeting a link to my Smashing Book Review. I would like to thank both of those sites for the shout outs. I am also very pleased to see that the majority of my visitors are using good standards compliant web browsers. I assumed this would be the case with my target audience though.

Google Analytics screenshot: Web Browsers Used

I’m relatively pleased with the results. I haven’t attempted fully advertising the site and don’t plan on it for a while. I would like to play around more and get a better feel for blogging first. If anyone is curious and would like me to post any more stats, just let me know!

Google Analytics screenshot: Overview
Google Analytics screenshot: Map overlay

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Gravatar for Willem 1 Willem February 02, 2010

Very nice!
I also want to start a blog sometime soon. I’m glad I found this blog before you started to promote it very heavily, it will be interesting to see the process.

Gravatar for Rob 2 Rob March 01, 2010

Your bounce rate is over 50% and average visit is under 2 minutes. I don’t think that is very good when you’re dealing with a blog.

I think you have a nice blog here; I am not trying to be rude just sharing how I would be looking at the statistics. Visits are great but the bounce rate and time of stay should be relative to what you’re offering.

Gravatar for Mike Lohrman 3 Mike Lohrman March 01, 2010


Thanks for your thoughts. I’m subscribed to and view many blogs myself and most of the time I get to articles through my rss feeder. I’ll link straight to the article, read it, and leave the page. I assume other people view blog articles similarly which would make a slightly higher bounce rate.

I also don’t think an almost 2 minute “Time on Site” is that bad. Most of my articles probably take less than 2 minutes to read, and as an average number, it doesn’t seem bad to me.

I do appreciate the comments. I’m new at this and I always welcome opinions. If you have any data or sources on what is considered “good” statistics for a blog, feel free to post them.

Gravatar for designi1 4 designi1 May 03, 2010

Its always awesome when someone like smash magazine promotes on of our articles. I´ve been promoted as well by SM and Christmas, with an list about Christmas… they´ve made a RT and in a few minuts i got my Brand-with exceeded :D

Lovely time!! always give us a nice feeling to continue this digg around the design community

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