UI Designer Stephen Horlander’s blog has great information on Firefox UI

UI Designer Stephen Horlander’s blog has great information on Firefox UI

I ran across Stephen Horlander’s blog today. He is a Product Visual Designer that works with the Firefox team on the design and UI of the Firefox web browser. His blog is awesome if you are into design and UI…

In his latest post he talks about his work on the new Windows Firefox theme for the upcoming Firefox 4. He goes into detail about what they are trying to do to make browsing with Firefox a better experience. There are screen shots of different ideas for placement of buttons, tabs, menu items, etc. and he talks about the pros and cons of doing things a certain way. It really provides a good insight into the process.

I’m particularly impressed with his openness in mentioning the good things about other browsers out there and how they are trying to implement some of those good qualities. I’ll definitely be bookmarking his blog and if you are interested in UI design I suggest checking it out.

What browser do I use?

I’ve been a die-hard Firefox user for a while now. I love a lot of the features, plugins, as well as their desire to upgrade the browser with the current web technologies. Lately though it seems slow, start-up and browsing. On my home computer it keeps crashing on me.  Because of this I decided to give the Google Chrome browser a try. It’s only a beta now, but I really like it so far. It’s noticeably faster for me, and I like the simplified toolbar and some of its features. I’m going to continue to use it until it gives me a reason to switch back to Firefox…or Firefox gives me a reason to switch back.

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