Welcome to That Dead Pixel!

Welcome to That Dead Pixel!

It’s finally a reality! After day dreaming about having a blog and envisioning almost every tiny aspect of it in my head for over a year, it’s finally done. I knew once I sat down and got to work it wouldn’t take long to develop. Sometimes just starting a personal project is the most difficult part…

As this is my first blog and I’m still learning things about blogging and ExpressionEngine 2.0 CMS, this will be a soft launch. I’m going to continue tweaking things and change up a couple small graphics. I also would love some feedback from anyone that might end up here. What do you think of the look of the site? Is the layout user friendly? I need some people to test out everything on their computers and make sure everything is kosher. I’m using @font-face to show Museo Slab as my heading font. This is working pretty good on all the computers I’ve tested on, but I would love to get some feedback on how it looks rendered in different browsers and different OS’s. In my next post I’m going to talk about some of the articles that I have brewing, so feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed(which I’m also testing).

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Gravatar for Philip Barron 1 Philip Barron January 08, 2010

Found your site via EE Insider. Nicely done! Have been thinking lately about giving EE a try.

Love the color scheme. Perhaps not quite enough contrast between text color and background when it comes to reading blocks of text, maybe? Could just be my middle-aged eyes. Very clean design, with sufficient breathing room.

Gravatar for Mike Lohrman 2 Mike Lohrman January 08, 2010

Thanks for the comment Philip! You might be right about the text color. I want it to stay brown, but maybe I’ll try darkening it a bit.

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