WireframeShowcase.com is live!

WireframeShowcase.com is live!

It’s finally done! Wireframe Showcase is a site that allows designers/developers to submit their wireframes for web sites, apps, etc., that they want to feature.


It’s a lot like a CSS showcase site, but the focus is on the wireframes used to plan the projects. Guests to the site can browse for inspiration as well as maybe learn something about how other designers/developers plan their projects. Designers/Developers can use the site to show off their latest projects and drive some traffic to them as well as their personal sites, portfolios, blogs, etc.

I got the idea a while back and purchased the domain name immediately. I worked on it off and on in my free time and went through some drastic layout and visual revisions. I will be writing about my process while creating the site and all the changes it went through soon. Until then, please check it out and let me know what you think! And definitely contribute if you wireframe!

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Gravatar for V@X 1 V@X May 25, 2010

It’s such a great idea, such a great source for inspiration !!! it’s in my netvibes ! Thx !

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